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Parrot wooden puzzle

Imagine that you are holding a small sculptured figure of an parrot in your hands. It is warm with textured surface and it has a slight smell of wood. Your fingertips feel the carved feathers of the spread wings. 


Strong Bear wooden puzzle

Strong Bear is not as simple as it seems. Collecting the puzzle will be very interesting, difficult and informative. Each piece, each figure will tell about the fun life of this predator.


Lion wooden puzzle

The huge red sun slowly descends over the hot earth. This is his kingdom, from this rock to the horizon. He is the king here. Just look into his eyes, they are like molten gold. How much wisdom and knowledge in his eyes.


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Terry M.

Pretty colors!This puzzle is really amazing and I'm going to buy some more for my family for Christmas.Besides, I hope I can finish it soon.

Linda T.

It took me about a week from the time I placed the order to the time I received the goods. The speed was good.This puzzle is really cool. My boyfriend and I enjoyed the process of putting together the puzzle.

Jenny L.

The delivery is filled with foam paper, and the product is well protected inside. It's for my mom. Now she spends a lot of time on the puzzle every day. Mom says it does make her feel relaxed.